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Alignment at a stop

Of paramount importance for industrial equipment, the quality of the settings is essential to optimize the service life during a new assembly, a restoration in operation or following a restoration by machining (case of rollers and tires) .

Accurate alignment is vital

Our activities in bandages presuppose the ability to correctly adjust the rotating tube under penalty of destroying or at least damaging the work carried out.

Our services in alignment

Faced with this observation, we have developed in alignment via the investment in a total station LEICA TDA 5005 in 2008 and FARO equipment then, the development of specific techniques and the training/recruitment of qualified personnel. This allows us to offer you:

Outstanding aiming characteristics

  • High measurement accuracy with cube corner reflector (+/- 0.2mm at 60 meters)
  • The use of selectable reflectors (prisms, reflectors, corner-cube ccr)
  • Display of angles to within 0.00001°

This equipment can allow us to perform measurements on any type of application

  • Massif level controls
  • Measurements on paper machine rolls
  • Dimensional control (a crown for example)
  • Guidance and follow-up of assembly of sub-assemblies

and in all industries

Concerning the specificity of the furnaces, our measurements are carried out cold during shutdowns. It takes about a 10-hour day for 3 bandages.

To remember

  • +/- 0.2 mmm measurement accuracy at 60 meters
  • 0.01 ° accuracy of our angular measurements
  • Using a LEICA total station and FARO equipment

Our bandage activities

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