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On-site machining remains our priority. However, replacing some parts is sometimes unavoidable due to excessive wear. The remaining thickness values, or the breakages, give us feedback regarding the on-site machining options or complete refurbishment in our workshop.

Novexa, in association with a gear manufacturer offers a comprehensive package:


  • Use of KISsoft software to calculate the gears involute.
  • A machining workshop in St Laurent de Mure
  • The systematic drafting of Novexa plans for validation (which are then handed over)
  • Supply of the associated templates and follow-up programme available on
  • Sizing of the gears (sizing and durability) and of the reduction gearboxes

The gears and tires (machine-welded, wrought, laminated, or casted)

  • Pinion and girth gear (spur and helical gearings)
  • Pinion shaft, or pinion mounted on a shaft (key, defining tightening backlash)
  • Machining in the workshop of used pinions and girth gears, shipping the parts to St Laurent de Mure)
  • Taillage à denture droite, hélicoïdale, chevron, denture intérieure / extérieure
  • Cutting spur gears, helical gears, herringbones, internal gearing/external
  • Shafts, rings, parts on drawing

Reduction gearboxes

  • Refurbishment of reduction gearboxes, disassembly, manufacturing of broken parts and reassembly
  • Replacement of defective roller bearings and backlash set up.
  • Cutting spur gears, helical gears, herringbone, bevel gear, conical gear, S-shape
  • Casing refurbishment or supply

Quality and metrology

We can produce Quality Certificates upon requests:

  • Material Certificate and magnetoscopic control or ultrasound
  • Calculation Certificate
  • Dimensions Control (using 3D machinery)
  • Certificate in case of surface treatment (cementation, induction, etc.)

Industry sector

We have many and varied references in the following industries:

  • Cement manufacturers
  • Sugar refineries
  • Mining industry
  • Autonomous port, maritime activities
  • In the transportation industry, public works,
  • chemestry, petrochemestry and fertilisers,
  • The steel and metal processing industries
  • The paper manufacturing industry, etc

The defects treated in gears

Novexa is able to efficiently treat numerous gear defects.  Find out more about our expertise.

Novexa’s offer

Experts in rotative equipment wear management (gears and tires)

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