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Controls at a stop

When the machine is at a stop, Novexa is also able to complete various controls which are paramount to gear wear management.
The following measures may be offered, either on-site or during an audit:

A well adjusted machine has lower vibration levels.
Wear creates backlash in the kinematic chain. Excessive backlash allows for higher vibration levels and this phenomenon is amplified by pinion/girth gear harness profile deformations.
Our equipment provides us with the data necessary to the shimming of the part on reduction gearboxes, engines or turning gear wheels; prior to which Novexa will have confirmed the adjustment of girth gear and pinion.


Cracking controls are completed on bearings, ball mills’ bottom end, reduction gearboxes, gears and tires. 3 possible procedures:

  • Magnetoscopic controls (with or without UV lamp)
  • Reswage (use of a penetrating and a revealing agent)
  • Ultrasound controls

State of gearbox bearings
NOVEXA reprofiling interventions aim at resolving vibration issues.
Operating a machine which has been in a degraded state for years can alter the solidity of foundations and fixings. Our audits include a visual observation of potential cracks. In the event a problem is detected, we can offer to repair it using polymer injections.
This technique consists of opening the cracks in a V-shape, insert flexible tubes and inject a pressurised liquid which then propagates into all damaged areas. Once the polymer has solidified after 24 hours, the repair is similar to that of a mint condition restoration.

Out of true / Out of round

Out of round deformations speed up pinion wear due to circumferential movements. Out of true deformations increase the cracking risk due to bearing surfaces being located at the extremities.
We offer to implement:

  • 2-comparator measurement to measure out of true deformations.
  • Use of lead or gauges for bottom clearances and out of round deformations.
  • A graph sheet is used to inform about dimensions.
During assignments, we intervene during the set up of pinion/girth gear and control tooth thickness backlash and centre distance backlash.

Geometry controls

Our geometrical measurements are applicable to kilns, mill trunnion bearings, and tire based rotative equipment. On rotative equipment, analysing an adjustment involves first measuring its level and then the state of its bearings.
We own 2 pieces of equipment for geometrical controls:

  • A TOPCON level sensor (0.2mm/100 metres accuracy)
  • A LEICA theodolite to measure levels, angles and distances between x, y and z