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Control Tool Kit

The wear control of your equipment (gear) should lead to objective measurements enabling an efficient decision making process.

On-site measurements of gear wear are often done without the proper tools. NOVEXA offers to supply a control tool kit which includes for your pinion/crown harness:

  • Control templates to measure wear and define the profile deformation and the speed of wear with a precision of 0.05 mm per year
  • Documentation used for machining of tools
  • An explanatory document of methodology and calculations
  • A dedicated software to enter data and draw up a monitoring sheet.

In order to create your templates, we need the following data :

  • Module
  • Pressure angle/li>
  • Number of teeth on pinion and girth gear
  • Exterior diameters of pinion and girth gear
  • Pinion and girth gear width
  • Helix angle (helix on the right or left on pinion)

These templates are true anticipating tools. They contribute to substantial reduction of maintenance expenses thanks to a more precise estimate and anticipation of wear levels.
They also allow to control:

  • V1 wear (maximum wear), V2 (minimum wear) and V3 (loss in thickness).
  • Profile deformation Definition Profile deformation informs us on vibration levels.
  • Speed of wear allows us to act directly on equipment durability
  • The remaining thickness allows us to decide which is the most adapted solution, be it reprofiling, flapping or replacing the part.


  • 200 plants are equipped with out control templates
  • 15 minutes to do a profile control
  • A dedicated software

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