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Alignment in operation

Briquetting resistance, the appearance of cracks and the kiln pipe are essentially related to geometrical conformity and adjustments.

A geometrical control of the kiln when it is hot is essential

In order to offer a service fitting our clients’ requirements, we are now able to supply a comprehensive hot alignment control.

A comprehensive list of controls:
  • Shell deformation (every meter)
  • Slopes, rollers and tires
  • Shaft deformation and roller skewing
  • Shell ovalisation
  • Tire migration (shell backlash/tire)
  • Out of true, out of round, girth gear and tires
  • Control of roller/tire diametre
  • Control of the gear if a 15-minute stop is possible
Efficient equipment that is quick to use
  • Bluetooth measurement
  • Analysis of a kiln’s shell deformation within 3 hours maximum
  • Constant software update.
Data displayed in real time
  • The software installed on your computer processes the data
  • All measurements can be displayed on your computer as well as the kiln in rotation
  • The report is then uploaded on our website. Secure access at

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