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All activities of NOVEXA regarding tires are currently being developed considering the different types of rotative equipment (calciner, kiln, rotary dryer, coating machine, pelletiser, mixer, ball mill, incinerator, etc.) which work using tires or rollers (with or without friction).

Novexa's expertise in a comprehensive offer

Our refurbishment interventions are completed:

  • On-site, without disassembling and with our 15-year experience at your service
  • With a possibility of working while the machine is in operation, depending on the rotation speed
  • Using grinding, disk or tool machining depending on the situation
  • Possibility of using a template if necessary
  • The refurbishment is guaranteed in terms of evenness and diametre difference

All our skills and energy go to completing the best refurbishment while respecting the tolerances imposed.
The geometrical qualities are essential to complete theodolite measurements followed by the appropriate adjustments.
We put to use our knowledge of gears in order to adjust the tubes without dissociating them from the root clearance, tooth thickness backlash and bear load repartition.

Disk machining

Disk machining makes for 80% of of our machining interventions. Using ceramic disks allows for a faster intervention.

High-diameter roller machining

Using tool machining depends on the rolling and the rotation speeds.

High-speed roller machining

In cases when rotation speeds are very high (above 50 m/min), only tool machining can be considered.

Flank machining

We can intervene on all kinds of equipment. Our machines allow for the machining of tire flanks and thrust ball bearings (in operation)

Our activities regarding gears

Learn more about our experience and our expertise in machining

Welding and reprofiling

Novexa is able to efficiently carry out repairs using welding techniques.

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