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As a registered training body, Novexa provides your employees with gear management training, follow-up of wear levels of the harness and guidance elements on rotative equipment.

Towards a demystification of gear wear

For maintenance staff, knowledge about wear gear levels is often difficult to get by. It is often limited to monitoring vibrations which are only the manifestation of the problem and not the cause.

The objective of our training plan is to develop their know-how in the wear of rotative equipment:

  • Demystifying how gear wear works: details on 12 key parametres (including addendum modification, pressure angle, transverse ratio, etc ), steel treating (CTR, quenched)
  • Understanding the relation between profile deformation and vibrations
  • Controlling gear wear in order to increase the durability of machinery equipment
  • The wear speed measured on site is accurate to 0.05 mm
  • Classification of profile deformations (green, yellow, red, black)
  • Efficiently dealing with the requirements of sleeve and thrust ball bearings (bearing scraping)
  • Addressing the choice of lubricants as well as type of lubrication
  • Learning what types of control should be carried out to identify the wear level

Acquiring a know-how to anticipate breakages and avoid production losses

Indeed, this knowledge and these control measures will permit:

  • To better catch up with information
  • To anticipate potential problems and therefore, also risk assessment of wear levels on the kinematics of rotative equipment
  • To avoid tooth breakages (cracks)
  • To avoid damage on bedplates or gearbox bearings
  • To increase the durability of the harness

Developing a new form of inspection, easy and effective.

This allows us to intervene just in time and to anticipate progressive wear levels as part of a project of predictive maintenance.
In order to facilitate the understanding process of the participants we use the following tools:

  • A gear scale model simulating the meshing of gear
  • Our software, used for lining and calculating gear data
  • Pinion and girth gear templates (laser-cut) to understand the measurement of wear characteristics

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