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NUVOCO Arasmeta – INDE

Repair of several cracks on Mill girth gear in INDIA – NUVOCO Arasmeta

Following the replacement of the girth gear and the 2 pinions on one of their mills, Nuvoco noticed insufficient contact pattern and contacted Novexa in order to optimize load distribution by teeth grinding intervention. During our preliminary inspection, we have noticed an important wear speed on both pinions and 19 cracks on the girth gear (after only a few months in production). One of the teeth was cracked on 45% of its width. The risk of breakage with complete shutdown was very important (with a 12 months lead time for the supply of a new girth gear).

Problems before NOVEXA intervention :

  • 19 cracks on girth gear with 1 being on 45% of a tooth width
  • Important wear speed on both pinions (0,35mm/year)
  • Important spalling on both pinions
  • Contact pattern of only 40% on some teeth. Values were not even on all teeth due to a poor quality of the furniture
  • Pitch default on several teeth of girth gear > 0,15mm
  • Flatness default of 0,5mm on both pinions

NOVEXA Intervention:

Considering the important cracks amount, NOVEXA advised to replace the girth gear within the following 12 to 18 months. In the meantime, NOVEXA proposed a temporary repair to allow correct production conditions. Intervention duration: 6 days, including :

  • Welding repair of 19 cracks
  • Girth gear reprofiling and correction of pitch defaults (0,07mm accuracy)
  • Settings of 2 pinions and final grinding for contact pattern improvement
  • Laser alignment control pinion / Gear box

Benefits for NUVOCO Arasmeta

  • Risk of teeth breakage avoided. Come back to a stabilised situation
  • 9 to 12 months of production (necessary lead time for a new girth gear)
  • A controlled stoppage time with fast restarting – only 6 days of intervention

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