Burrs (gear)

They are observed on the gears, often normal and present no risk even if they are not removed by grinding.

Flow is the natural result of a combination between the material hardness (more hardness is the low, more the plastic flow is favored) and the sliding direction observed on the gears.

This applies regardless of the type of gear (straight, helix, chevron).

  • The direction of flow on material on pinion from the primitive to the head and towards the foot. The result is naturally a burr on head and root step
  • Girth gear creep directions are reversed and head to the primitive. Nothing justifies a burr on head. However this situation is regularly observed on kilns and is due to excessive wear on the rollers (formation of root step). This excessive wear should be treated by a grinding burrs intervention but also by treatment of the problem (reprofiling Novexa, turning or change in the level of wear).